Wednesday 22 May 2013

Where You Are by Tammara Webber

For Review: Penguin
Published: 14 March 2013

From Goodreads: Emma, Reid and Graham's story continues in this sequel to Between the Lines, by bestselling author of Easy, Tammara Webber. Emma has pursued her dream - she's trying to live a normal life and attend university. But when a twist of fate means she encounters Graham again in New York, life promises to be anything but ordinary . . .

Having really enjoyed Between the Line I was excited to pick this up and find out what was next for Emma, Graham, Brooke and Reid. I was really pleased to get Graham's POV - I really liked him in Between the Lines and it was really good to get to know him even better.

Despite having Graham and Emma's POV I really did feel as if this was more Reid and Brooke's story. I'm not sure why - and it could just have been me. Maybe it was because we know what Reid and Brooke were up to, whereas Graham and Emma were in the dark? I'm not sure. And it's not a bad thing at all. I think I just went into it expecting more of Graham and Emma rather than a 4 narrative split.

So anyway, Graham and Emma are really sweet. I love them together - and they cope well considering! And I am ashamed to admit this - but I really love Reid too. There is just something about him - I am seriously looking forward to his story!

As for Brooke... well I kind of feel sorry for her to be honest. What she does in this is pretty much unforgivable so I'm interested to see what happens next for her.

Can't wait for Good For You!

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