Tuesday 7 May 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books When You Need Something Light & Fun

So yes I'm going to cheat slightly and give you my top ten authors / series - there were too many books to choose from!

Kristen Walker - Match Made in High School and 7 Rules to Winning You are both hilarious and perfect for when you want something fun.

Marni Bates - Loved Awkward and Decked With Holly.  I think I died laughing reading Awkward and Decked with Holly is just as fun. Fab characters, light and definitely fun!

Ally Carter  -   I love the Gallager Girls series!  Perhaps it's a bit silly (in a really good way!) but I love it and it definitely ticks the box as light and fun.

Amanda Ashby - Zombie Queen of Newbury High and Fairy Bad Day - sooo good! And really funny!

Jennifer Echols - The Boy Next Door, The Ex Games and Major Crush are all great fun!  In fact, all her books are awesome so you can't go wrong...

Jessica Brody.  Love them all - they have depth but are great fun.

Gemma Halliday Deadly Cool and Social Suicide. These are so funny!

Luisa Plaja - all of her books are full of charm.  They have depth but still remain light and fun (usually with a sprinkle of magic!)  I love them all!

C J Skuse - Rockoholic!!! One of my favourite books ever!!

Stephanie Perkins - do I really need to say more about these?  Love them (and can't wait for Isla and The Happily Ever After)

Of course there are loads more - Eileen Cook, Keris Stainton (how awesome are her love interests???), Simone Elkeles and Sybil Nelson's Priscilla the Great Series.  And I loved Robin Benway's Audrey Wait and Also Known As... Plus both Love, Maybe and The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler were fun.  Oh and Adorkable by Sarra Manning...

Yes okay.. I could probably go on for ages. I shall shut up now lol.

What about you - which books (or authors) would be on your top ten?


The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I hadn't seen those covers for the Gallagher series-I love them! That's one I've read and really enjoy and think is perfect for this theme!

Nikki S said...

I chose Lola and Anna too! Great list!


Hollie said...

Anna and the French Kiss and the Gallagher Girls series made my list too. I really want to read Deadly Cool as I've heard it's a really fun read, so hopefully I can get to that soon. Great picks!

Althea said...

I love the Gallagher Girl's books, they're excellent! I reeeeally need to read Anna and Lola and I've meant to for a while, but I can never find them in the book shop :( x

Susan said...

I put the Gallagher Girls series on my list, too, even though I've only read the first book. It was so fun, though. Totally silly, but also totally enjoyable. I really need to read the rest of the series!

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

OOH! Great choices. I love Luisa's books and I really love Rockoholic. I read A Match made in High School awhile back and I laughed out loud SO MANY times. I had no idea she'd written another book, I will be looking out for that one!

Cliona said...

Great list! I totally agree about Gallagher Girls! I would probably add in Cathy Hopkins and Sarah Webb books to my list :)


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