Wednesday 16 September 2009

Golden Oldie # 2

Golden Oldie: A book I love that has been published for a while. Each post will concentrate on one author I used to, and still do, love.

Golden Oldie number 2 goes to The Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike.

From Amazon:
As to blood -- ah, blood, the whole subject fascinates me. I do like that as well, warm and dripping, when I am thirsty. And I am often thirsty....
Alisa has been in control of her urges for the five thousand years she has been a vampire. She feeds but does not kill, and she lives her life on the fringe to maintain her secret. But when her creator returns to hunt her, she must break her own rules in order to survive.
Her quest leads her to Ray. He is the only person who can help her; he also has every reason to fear her. Alisa must get closer to him to ensure her immortality. But as she begins to fall in love with Ray, suddenly there is more at stake than her own life....

This series has been release in the US in 2 parts as Thirst and is available in the UK as The Last Vampire in 3 volumes.

Okay, so without making myself feel really old I read Christopher Pike the first time around. He is a very talented author and is great at writing action and suspense. He also amazes me with his ability to write characters with a distinct voice (both male and female). In this series he does a superb job with Alisa (Sita) - a 5000 year old vampire, who he manages to make powerful, yet vulnerable and injects her with the wisdom you would expect a 5000 year old vampire to have. The story is suitably dark, beautifully written and I just loved it!

Just writing this review has made me want to re-read them again to see if I still love them as much now as I did then - I am in love with the US covers so I might have to get myself those!

I've never read a Christopher Pike book I didn't like but the other ones that stood out for me were Remember Me, Weekend, Final Friends Trilogy, Witch and The Midnight Club. In fact I have reread them several time since their publication and loved them just as much, if not more! Unfortunately, I am not sure if they are currently available - I am hoping the the re-release and repackaging of The Last Vampire series will trigger the re-release of his other works.


prophecygirl said...

I'm quite ashamed that I haven't read these, as they're about vampires! What was I thinking?!

Emily said...

I think I read everything Christopher Pike wrote when I was young - and when they first came out. I cannot for the life of me remember his Last Vampire did I miss it!
I still see his books in US stores - same old covers too which I always this is cool :)

Anonymous said...

I just looked at vol 1 at the book store yesterday & could not make up my mind to buy it or not, I'll get it next time.

Natascha De Marco said...

Im buying this book today ^^


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