Tuesday 15 September 2009

Golden Oldie # 1

Reviewing the 'Tomorrow' series got me thinking about other books I read years ago that people would really enjoy today. So I though I'd have a 'golden oldie' week this week and post about the books I love that have been published for a while. Each post will concentrate on one author I used to, and still do, love.

The first Golden Oldie goes to Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume

From Amazon: Davey's father was murdered when a break-in at his store went horribly wrong. Now, Davey, her mother and her little brother are left shattered, with no idea how to go about rebuilding their lives. The family flees to New Mexico, to escape the painful memories. In this alien place, with its arid landscape and sunbaked earth, Davey meets Wolf, a mysterious boy who understands her without asking questions. Slowly she begins to piece the broken fragments of herself together again.

When I first read Tiger Eyes it just blew me away. Judy Blume was the first author (with Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret) that introduced me to how amazing reading could be. Tiger Eyes for me was like hitting the ball out of the park - it just had everything. It is a very sad story but also very real and I loved the characterisation in the book. I reread it recently and love it just as much now. It doesn't take long to read and I found myself so absorbed in the story that it went even quicker. A great book that I think fans of Before I Die, Cracked Up to Be, Going Too Far or If I Stay would love.

Other Judy Blume books worth reading are Forever (probably the best know one) and Deenie. I love them all but those are the ones that stand out for me.


Emily said...

Great idea! There are so many books I've read over the years that would now be considered 'oldies' - but they are still good!

I know I read Judy Blume when I was younger and I know I loved the books...may have to find them again :)


Luisa Plaja said...

I loved every single one of Judy Blume's books when I was growing up and I agree with what you said - she changed my outlook on reading. Thanks for these great posts!


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