Monday 31 August 2009

Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot (Audiobook narrated by Serena Gordan)

From Amazon: Lady Victoria Arbuthnot has always done exactly what she wants. So, she's delighted when she bags drop-dead-gorgeous Lord Malfrey before she's even got off the boat from India. But then, a dashing young sea captain starts spreading stories about her man. Could it be that Vicky's happy-ever-after with Lord M. might not be so happy after all? .

I really enjoyed the story - everything I have come to expect from a Meg Cabot story. The cover lead me to believe it might be aimed at a slightly younger audience but it wasn't. I really liked Victoria and Captain Carstairs is an excellent match for her. Perhaps the story is slightly predictable - you know at the very beginning how it will all end but the journey to that conclusion is really good fun.

In terms of the audiobook, Serena Gordan is a great narrator - she does have the tendency to talk a bit slow at times but she really brings all the characters to life and they were exactly how I imagined them.

I would definitely recommend the book and if you are a fan of audiobooks this one is done really well.

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