Monday 17 February 2014

What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton

Publisher: Poppy (Little Brown Books for Young Readers)
ISBN: 9780316198684 (HB) 9780316198691 (PB)
Release Date: October 2012
Source: Purchased

From Goodreads: How can you talk about something you can’t remember?

Before the ski trip, sixteen-year-old Cassidy “Sid” Murphy was a cheerleader (at the bottom of the pyramid, but still...), a straight-A student, and a member of a solid trio of best friends. When she ends up on a ski lift next to handsome local college boy, Dax Windsor, she’s thrilled; but Dax takes everything from Sid—including a lock of her perfect red curls—and she can’t remember any of it.

Back home and unable to relate to her old friends, Sid drops her college prep classes and takes up residence in the A/V room with only Corey “The Living Stoner” Livingston for company. But as she gets to know Corey (slacker, baker, total dreamboat), Sid finds someone who truly makes her happy. Now, if she can just shake the nightmares and those few extra pounds, everything will be perfect... or so she thinks.

Witty and poignant, Colleen Clayton’s stunning debut is a story about moving on after the unthinkable happens.

I’m really not sure why I haven’t reviewed this yet, especially since it is one of my favourite reads. Dealing with the repercussions of rape, it is brilliantly written. It also has one of my favourite friendship/romances ever.

One of the main aspects of this story is that while Sid ‘knows’ what happened to her she can’t remember it. And she absolutely cannot bring herself to tell anyone what happened. It’s this silence – and the repercussions of her silence – that drive the story.

At first I was furious at her friends for letting her down and not being there for her. But then I realised they didn’t know there was anything to be there for – to them Sid was just acting out – pretty much without reason and getting them into trouble for it – so you can kind of see their point of view.

What is does mean though, it that Sid is forced to find friendship elsewhere – and she does! In the form of Corey. Who I absolutely and completely loved. Their relationship is so genuine and slow building and just completely brilliant – love, love love it! He’s definitely an example of why you shouldn't judge someone by their appearance or reputation!

It’s not easy reading all the time – it’s raw, honest and emotional - it is such a poignant read. it really has stayed with me long after I finished reading it! I am desperate to see what Colleen Clayton writes next!

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