Wednesday 9 November 2011

Priscilla The Great: Kiss of Life by Sybil Nelson

From Goodreads:  Hey there! It’s me again, Priscilla, a lean, mean, tween machine. Just when I’m finally getting the hang of my powers, something even more confusing and harder to understand enters my world…boys. That’s right, I can shoot fire out of my fingers and lift a car with one hand, but for the life of me I can’t decode “boy-speak”… and that just might turn out to be the death of me.

I really do love this series.  It's just so much fun!

This installment continues on from Priscilla The Great. Priscilla and her family have had to move from River's Bend to a secret location to protect themselves - which also means moving away from her boyfriend Kyle and best friend Tai. But things for Priscilla never run smoothly and soon she is face to face to Dr. Witheral and again fighting for her life. It's a good job she has superpower's right? And, of course, there is also the issue of boys! She's hardly getting to see her boyfriend and then there is a certain Marco who is causing a little bit of confusion ...

Honestly I know I keep saying how much fun this series is but it really is! I just love it. Priscilla has an amazing voice - she's funny, likeable and manages to ground the story. So much is going on, with all the superpowers and action, she gives it a believability. I also love all the other characters - her brother Josh, the terrible twins! and her dad is so funny with his need to protect her all the time. I also love the action - everything is obviously well planned out - and it's all very exciting. Plus we get pay off for story lines from the previous installment.

I honestly can't wait to get stuck into the next installment, Too Little Too Late - I'm excited to see what's next in store for Priscilla (especially considering that ending!) and I'm looking forward to more Marco!

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Samantha (A Dream of Books) said...

I really want to read this one! I loved Priscilla The Great which was a fun and enjoyable read. This sounds great :)


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