Wednesday 18 July 2012

A Sprinkle of Luv (Flutter of Luv Blog Tour)

As part of the blog tour for her new ebook, Flutter of Luv, L M Preston has stopped by to talk about romance and YA...

A Sprinkle Of Luv

Most Young Adult novels have a sprinkle of a crush, love and attraction. With a majority female audience it’s perceived that love and attraction is a strong part of youth. And lets face it – it is.


Because it appeals to both male and female readers as long as it doesn’t consume the type of book when writing a Young Adult book that isn’t specifically a romance. I get many beta readers for my books, both male and female requested a bit of a love interest. It adds another dimension to the plot.

A SPRINKLE without SEX is good too

I personally don’t believe sex is necessary in a Young Adult book to such graphic detail unless it moves the plot. Adding a love interest, sex, physical aspect can turn off young readers. Writers should focus on the story they are trying to tell and not on how they describe sex in a scene for shock value. Readers can pick it up and may be turned off.


When writing a Young Adult book with a sprinkle of romance, there is no need to throw it in the readers face. Let it develop, do it with style, and make sure that your readers fall in love – as the characters are falling in love.


If you are not writing a Young Adult Romance, and you are putting in your sprinkle of love, don’t expect that to make your novel appeal to the young adult crowd. These readers want it all. They crave adventure, drama, mystery, love, and great pacing. So when you mix up your recipe to deliver a masterpiece for your willing and eager YA audience, make sure you don’t sell them short on depth and a great plot.

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