Thursday 21 June 2012

Priscilla The Great: Too Little Too Late

From Goodreads: Priscilla Sumner here with a little advice, be happy that your parents can’t read your mind any time they want or put you in a choke hold in less than two seconds flat. As much as my parents…or any parents…can get annoying, I still love them. So when my mom gets brainwashed and starts working for Colonel Selliwood, I know it’s up to me to save her. And this time I’m not alone. I’ve got some new friends and some even newer gadgets to help me out, but will it be too little too late?

The story picks up where we left it in Kiss of Life. Priss's father is recovering from his wounds after being stabbed and her mother is being controlled by Colonel Selliwood. This time Priscilla and co are fighting to save those they love.

These stories are so much fun. This one had a much darker tone but Priscilla's voice is always fun to read. I love all the action, adore her best friend Tai, we get some revelations (that I really didn't see coming!) and as for the ending? I am in denial! Complete and utter denial...

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