Thursday 21 June 2012

Priscilla The Great: The Time Traveling Bullet

For Review: Netgalley
Published: 29 April 2012

From Amazon:  How would you like it if you accidentally lost 25 years of your life? Well that is exactly what happened to me, Priscilla Maxine Sumner, a.k.a the hottest girl in River's Bend. I wake up one day and the world is in total chaos! My brothers have kids, my best friend is old, and the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series and I missed it. I totally missed it! My life might as well be over. And if Xi has anything to do with it, it will be.

Picking up moments after that cliffhanger ending in Bring The Pain, Priss finds herself in a slightly different River's Bend! Finding herself 25 years in the future Priss is in a race against time to change the past...

I think this is probably my favourite in the series! I love time travel so I really enjoyed this one. It was certainly entertaining to see the future: what happens with Josh and Tai, to meet Priscilla 2 (as Priss calls her) and I loved seeing future Kyle (even if I did feel a bit sad for him too!)

Again the story is action packed and full of revelations that I didn't see coming. Plus it's funny and definitely entertaining. I really do recommend this series and I'm seriously looking forward to more stories set in this world.

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