Friday 29 July 2011

We Can Be Heroes Blog Tour: Guest Post

To kick of the We Can Be Heroes Uk Blog Tour I have a guest post from the lovely Catherine Bruton.  So without further ado I shall hand you over...

My first blog tour

There are many important firsts in a girl’s life: first visit from the tooth-fairy (who bought 10p in my day); first kiss (Tim 1, 1989, Warrington Roller Disco – loveliest kiss ever! Tim 2 and his tumble dryer tongue action were a definite let down after that); first car (white Nissan Micra called Noggin); first car crash (Noggin the Nissan – the day after I got her); first heartbreak (Cape Town 1996 – I actually vomited with sadness, giving whole new meaning to the phrase love sick); first Krispy Creme doughnut (yesterday, and seriously do they put that crack drug stuff in them to get you addicted cos I just can’t stop thinking about it?) ... Oh, I’ve lost my train of thought. . . Krispy Cremes, vomiting in the Cape, snogging at the roller rink... Yes, that was it – important firsts.

Anyway, this is my first blog tour. In fact, it’s my first ever blog. Which is exciting - and terrifying at the same time. I’m hoping it’s going to be more like the snog and the Krispy Crème and less like sick-bag, car crash experience. But basically, I’m a blog virgin so you may have to bear with me if I commit terrible blog faux pas or get myself tied up in blog-knots, or whatever. But here goes. . .

So I have this book coming out called ‘We Can be Heroes’ - in three days time, in fact - which is incredibly exciting. In fact, I reckon I need one of those Glee t-shirts. You know that ones that say stuff like ‘Can’t sing’ and ‘Likes boys’ and ‘I’m with stoopid’? Well, I want to get one that says, ‘I wrote a book’, just so everyone knows. Like everyone – the postman, the grumpy blinky lady from the post-office, the mean girls I used to go to school with, George Clooney, Taylor Lautner, Wills and Kate, Harry Potter, Michael Jackson (yes, I know he’s supposed to be dead but I reckon he’s in hiding somewhere with Elvis and the Queen Mum doing karaoke versions of ‘The Man in the Mirror’ and ‘Dirty Diana’ – the QM’s fave!) Basically, everyone!

Anyway, I’m getting off the topic and I think at this point I’m supposed to tell you a bit about my book and a bit about the blog tour and stuff. Right? So here goes. My novel is called ‘We Can be Heroes’. It was inspired by an article I wrote for The Times in 2008 about children who had lost a parent in 9/11 attacks and it tells the story of 12 year old Ben, whose father died on September 11th. He meets 10 year old Priti, a Muslim girl who is convinced her brother is a suicide bomber. The pair, along with Ben's troubled cousin Jed, decide to turn detective to try and foil the bomb plot with hilarious - and explosive - consequences.

We Can be Heroes has been described as 'an outstanding debut', ‘ an important book’, ‘ a remarkable book’, ‘an exceptional debut’, 'one to watch' and compared to ‘The Curious Incident’ by some lovely reviewers (thank you, reviewers, I love you!). In fact, I think I might get all of that on a T-shirt too. Or perhaps just the nice review that said, ‘Bruton is Brilliant’ – which is my new life mantra - and anti-dote to Krispy Creme cravings.

So, I’m totally chuffed to have been asked to do this blog tour, talking about how I came to write the book, the challenges of writing about events like 9/11, my favourite books, my childhood escapades (zombie grannies, piercing ears with fish fingers, locking teachers in cupboards, roller rink adventures etc) and loads of other stuff too. I’ll be blogging on the day my book actually hits the shelves – which might just be a series of squiggles and eeeks! – oh, and if you want to find out a bit more about me I’ll be doing the usual interview stuff too.

So if you want to join me on my magical mystery blog tour over the next few days, remember, you have been warned: I’m a learner blogger with a record of writing off perfectly innocent Nissan Micras and a Krispy Creme habit to feed . So it could be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I promise to give 110% and put my heart and soul into it (and any more Talent TV clichés I can trot out). Right, that’s the safety announcement over. Now here we go - Tooth fairy, Tim 1 , achey breaky heart - eat your heart out, cos I just done written my first ever blog. How cool is that? Over and out!
Thanks Catherine!  How much do I now fancy a Krispy Creme lol!

You can find Catherine at her Website and on Twitter

The next stop on the tour is tomorrow at Wondrous Reads and you can check out the whole schedule to the right on my sidebar.

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Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

I've been finding all of Catherine's blogs to be interesting with a great mixture of funny and thought-provoking! Have you considered blogging on a more regular basis?


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