Friday 22 July 2011

Cover to Covet (17)

I LOVE book covers. Love, love love them. So I decided to make it a regular post - each post featuring a cover I love.

I loved the cover for the first book in this series (Clarity) and I think I might love this one even more. It's so pretty and I love her hair! Plus it ties in beautifully with the cover for Clarity!

Perception by Kim Harrington

It's published March 2012.


Jules said...

I still haven't read Clarity yet! :)

I completely agree with you, this is a great cover! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's pretty! I don't think it's quite a gorgeous as Clarity, but still soo pretty :-)

Hannah Mariska said...

Wow, gorgeous cover!
Like Jules, I still need to read Clarity.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh that's a good follow up to Clarity. They share that fab hair thing.


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