Thursday 24 March 2011

Valentine's Day of the Undead by Stacey Jay

Q: What could be worse than spending Valentine's Day alone?
A: Spending it with evil zombies!!

Megan Berry is no stranger to heartbreak, but spending Valentine's Day serving other happy couples hot dogs while mourning the loss of her one true love is almost more than even a highly trained Zombie Settler can handle. So when her recently estranged boyfriend, Ethan, texts her asking her to be his Valentine, she ditches her bodyguard and rushes to his side.

But soon, Megan's dreams of chocolates, flowers, and lingering make-up kisses take a turn of the rotted-corpse-and-maggot variety, and Megan fears that her first Valentine's Day with Ethan may be her last.

I am a massive fan of the Megan Berry series so I was really excited to learn this novella was being written.  I literately could not wait to get my hands on it so I bought both the ebook and the paperback version!

When we catch up with Megan she is still coming to terms with how her involvement with Cliff has affected her relationship with Ethan,  so when she gets a text to meet up with Ethan on Valentine's day she jumps at the chance to make things right between them.  But is everything really what it seems...

I absolutely loved it! Megan is such a great character and I adore Ethan, and the mythology behind the series is really, really good.  They are always such fun to read, with fast paced action and great character interaction, and this one is no exception.  I am always completely sucked into the story and don't want to put it down.  At around 80 pages, this can easily be read in one sitting and I enjoyed every minute!

This novella works really well in 'finishing' the story -  giving some closure - but at the same time leaving it open for more books in the series.   I really do love this series and I really hope sales for this are good.  If so, there is the possibility that we could get more and I do hope that is the case.  A great addition to an awesome series!

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Luisa at Chicklish said...

These books sound like such fun! I loved reading your review - thank you!


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