Monday 14 June 2010

The Boyfriend Game by Stephie Davis

From Goodreads:
I rested the ball on my hip and walked back toward the equipment shed. In the dark.
Alone. With a boy.
I would be completely freaking out over varsity soccer tryouts if it weren't for the new student, Graham, who's helping me practice. He has the most amazing green eyes, curly brown hair, and perfect legs. Plus, we have lots in common, since all we both care about is soccer! Well, that's all he cares about. But my heart beats so fast when we're on the field together . . . and I don't think it's just from all the running around.

This is a really sweet read that I would recommend for younger readers. It perfectly describes that period in our life when we first discover that we (gasp!) really like someone.

This story follows Trisha and her goal to get onto the Varsity soccer team. She loves football and shares that passion with her friends. Her friends, however, are slightly more interested in boys which is something Trisha doesn't understand until she meets Graham. Given the opportunity to train with him she does and that where things get incredibly cute! I remember (many moons ago) the first feelings of attraction - when I 'liked him but didn't want to say I liked him in case he didn't like me but wanted to find ways of spending time with him because I couldn't stop thinking about him....' You know what I mean? I think we all remember that and this book brilliantly brings it to life.

It's a very quick read, and as I said really sweet. I liked the authors style of writing and she really brings the characters to life. It's also romantic in a really cute way! I'll definitely be looking for more of her books.


CarlyB said...

This one sounds fun! I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the review :) x

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

This sounds like a really cute romance. Glad you enjoyed it!

brizmus said...

This looks so cute! i love that really liking someone feeling, even though I'm 27 and in a serious relationship! I want to read this!

Girl on a Mission said...

This sounds like a cute, light, read. Thanks for sharing!

Arena said...

Sounds like a great read!

I'm your newest follower, and I love your blog.

You can check out mine here.

Happy Monday!

aka The Nerd's Wife

Unknown said...

Awww...CUTE! I was just thinking the other day back to when I was ten and I was so mad at this girl in my class for saying I like Greg. I threatened to punch her in front of the teacher LOL Mainly because I did like him and I was SOOOO embarrassed. Actually, I think I am blushing now just thinking about it LOL

Anonymous said...

Awww, the story sounds so adorable! :D Wonderful review~

Luisa at Chicklish said...

Aww, Becky, I love that story!
I love the sound of this book, too. Thanks for the review!

I Want To Read That said...

Thanks for all your comments:) Becky - love the story - really sweet and I love the fact that you threatened to punch her lol:)

Lauren said...

Sounds like this one will pack a major nostalgia punch. (Although possibly not as much of a punch as ten year old Becky. LOL!)

TheBookMogul said...

I'm glad you liked this! It's very cute isn't it.


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