Friday 25 June 2010

Star Crossed by Jo Cotterill

For review: Red Fox, 27 May
From Goodreads: 'You did WHAT?' screamed Mari. 'You turned down the cutest boy ever? Are you crazy?' Fliss isn't exactly outgoing. But on stage she really comes alive. And this summer, she's playing Juliet opposite her dream Romeo - Tom Mayerling. If only she could tell him how she feels! But unless Fliss finds some inner confidence, she's going to miss her chance with Tom. Because someone else has her eyes on Fliss' role - and her leading man...

This is a sweet book and I enjoyed it. I really liked the central character Fliss. She’s very nice and wants to do the right thing, even when that means letting someone walk all over her. For me, the story was more about her learning to have confidence and stand up for herself than the romance between her and Tom.

As for the other characters I really liked her friend Mari. She had attitude and I really liked that – she was definitely not afraid to stand up for herself! I also liked Fliss’ mum and could understand where she was coming from. She had to really struggle to raise Fliss and she desperately wants a better life for her daughter - even if that means sacrificing Fliss’ dreams. I liked how the relationship between the two developed, how they started to understand each other better and learn from each other.

As for Tom – he was okay. He kind of annoyed me a bit but he was sweet towards Fliss. I just didn’t feel that invested in their relationship which was a bit of a shame. But it’s a minor quibble. There were just more interesting elements to the story for me but that may have been because I’m older than the intended audience.

Overall - A light, fun read that will really appeal to younger teens. I really liked the Romeo and Juliet backdrop and think other readers will too. A really cute read.

You can check out Jo Cotterill's fab website by clicking here. She has a great 'Top Five' section and I have to say I agree with Number 3 of her leading men! Although I think I might have him listed higher... To check them out click here.


Tales of Whimsy said...

This cover makes me think of the old love game shows :)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I thought this was really cute, too. Great review, Sammee!

Luisa at Chicklish said...

Great review! I agree that this was a really cute book.

prophecygirl said...

I agree it was a cute read too. Perfect for summer :)


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