Wednesday 5 March 2014

Crafting Corner (2)

So I have a friend who is obsessed with Minions so I have been busy making them for her.  Some of you may have already seen these on instagram but I did take a few pictures of the process for anyone interested!

So this is how I made Moody Minion.

The armature. Basically flower wire twisted and bent into a minion skeleton.

Next I covered it with pipe cleaners to give the wool something to felt to.

I started with the arms and legs. Black first, then yellow for the arms and blue for the legs.

Then I started building up the body with core wool. I only lightly felted this so that it wouldn't be too hard when I felted the yellow.

Then I added yellow.

I added more yellow to make him look more like a minion and less banana man! Plus I added blue to make his trousers - using a tiny amount of black for the buttons.

Then I forgot to take more pictures - d'oh! But I made his eye first using white, then brown, a little bit of black and a teeny fleck of white for the light spot. Then I added the eyelids - using these to help secure the eye to his face. I added the grey goggle and the black band, his mouth and finished with his hair.

And that's it. Moody minion!


Sarah said...

You already know how much I love your Minions from when you posted the pics on instagram! They're awesome!!

It's sooooo cool to see how you made them though. I had no idea how needle felting worked so the pictures all the way through the process are fab.

I really want to try my hand at making something but I need to have a go with the crochet hook you gave me first! I still haven't even attempted it which is very bad LOL

Unknown said...

This is adorable :) <3


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