Tuesday 13 October 2009

Golden Oldie (5)

Golden Oldie: A book I love that has been published for a while. Each post will concentrate on one author I used to, and still do, love

I realised when I did these posts the other week I completely forgot about Paula Danziger. How Could I forget Paula Danziger? I absolutely LOVED her books! They haven't been available in the UK for a while now (unfortunately) but I see they are still available in the US and some have really cute covers too (see The Cat ate my Gymsuit below).

I really enjoyed all of Danziger's books but the one that stood out for me was Remember Me to Harold Square.

From Goodreads: This summer could be a disaster. Kendra's parents have invited Frank, a 15-year-old she's never met, to stay with them. And they've planned a goofy scavenger hunt for the kids, including Kendra's bratty younger brother. They have to race all around New York City and visit places like the Empire State Building and the United Nations to find answers. But once they get started, Kendra doesn't mind the scavenger hunt so much, mostly because Frank turns out to be just as interesting as all of the sights.

I was completely addicted to that book - it was a really good romance story made better by the fact that the two characters became really good friends too.

Other Paula Danziger books include The Pistachio Prescription, The Divorce Express, The Cat ate my Gymsuit and it's sequel There's a Bat in Bunk Five . They are all very quick reads but great fun! I believe they are aimed at younger teens and are probably very tame by today's standards but I remember really enjoying them.


Irma said...

Hi, "I want to read that"!
I´m a Spanish girl who likes too much your blog; I found it today but I like it :P
From now I´m going to read all your reviews (if I can understand them, of course) :)
I´ll wait your answer!

Bye bye! Nice to meet you.


I Want To Read That said...

Hi Kira!

Thanks for your comment and I'm pleased you like my blog. I hope you enjoy (and understand!) my reviews:)

Nice hearing from you


Nina said...

Great books! Never heard of them before, so thank you. :)

Luisa Plaja said...

Oh, I have such happy memories of Paula Danziger books! Thanks for this. :)


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