Tuesday 27 October 2009

Blog Awards

The Hearfelt Award
Many thanks go the Becky from The Bookette for giving me this award.

Do you reach for a cup of cocoa or tea when you're relaxing, seeking comfort, sharing a plate of cookies with family and friends? You know the feeling you get when you drink a yummy cup of cocoa, tea, or a hot toddy? That is what the Heartfelt Award is all about, feeling warm inside.
Rules: Put the logo on your blog/post. Nominate up to 9 blogs which make you feel comfy or warm inside. Be sure to link your nominees within your post. Let them know that they have been nominated by commenting on their blog. Remember to link to the person from whom you received your award.

I know some of you may already have this award but this way you get one from me too:)
Jenny @ Wondrous Reads
Lauren @ I was a teenage book geek
Sophie @ So Many Books, So Little Time
Everyone @ Chicklish
Michelle @ Michelle's bookshelf
La Coccinelle @ The Ladybug Reads
@Juju @ Tales of whimsy
Jo @ Once Upon a Bookcase
Justine @ A Bookful of Thoughts

I really enjoy reading your blogs and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog:)

The Scribler Award
Many thanks go to Lauren from I was a teenage book geek for giving me this award.
Here's the rules:
1. Each Superior Scribbler, must in turn, pass the Award on to 5 most-deserving bloggy buds.
2. Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author and name of the blog from whom he/she has received the Award.
3. Each Superior Scribbler must display the Award on his/her blog and link to this post which explains the Award.

I decided to give this award to the blogs I visit every day because they are amazing and because I love them. So my five are:

Becky @ The Bookette
Lauren @ Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
Jenny @ Wondrous Reads
Kristi @ The Story Siren
Everyone @ Chicklish


prophecygirl said...

Wow, you are getting some great awards! :) Thanks and congrats!

Charlotte said...

Congrats ! :)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for passing one on to me. :)

Unknown said...

I adore reading your blog. You definitely deserve the award. Thanks for the Superior Scribbler Award *blushes*. So much bloggy love to go around!

Luisa at Chicklish said...

Wow, thank you so much! I'll have to get the message across to all the reviewers somehow. You're so kind. And I love your blog loads! Congratulations on the very well-deserved awards.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Why thank you! This is so thoughtful! I'm thoroughly impressed and surprised. Thanks again :) *beaming*

La Coccinelle said...

Thank you very much! :)

Lauren said...

Thank you so much, Sammee! Very sweet award, I love it. You totally deserve yours, too. :)

Test said...

Aww, thanks so much!! And congrats on your award, too. :)

Justine said...

:o Thank you so much!!! This means so much to me! It's my second award :D
Congratulations on the awards you received! You really deserve it. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks so much for the award! That's so sweet of you. =D


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