Friday 3 September 2010

Immortal Remains by Rook Hastings

For review: Harpercollins. Published 2 September 2010
From Goodreads: Four freak accidents. Four mysterious deaths. Four signs of trouble. Welcome back to Weirdsville! "You see, the girls that died -- it wasn't by accident. They were cursed, every one of them. Cursed to meet a horrible death! And I'm going to be next." Four girls from posh school Riverbank have been killed in seemingly random but freakish ways and it's not long before Bethan and co. are lured into investigating the grisly case. Is it really just coincidence or is there something more sinister going on? Meanwhile Hashim's playing truant, Kelly's on the warpath and Jay's trying to avoid someone even more close to home! Himself. Scary, paranormal and supernaturally chilling experiences are everyday in a town like Weirdsville!

I really enjoyed Nearly Departed so I was looking forward to this one. I am pleased to say I think it's even better!

Taking place shortly after the events of the first book we have some new ghostly goings-on to deal with. This time it's a possible curse and the group decide to investigate. With Hashim avoiding them in order to live a 'normal' life and Jay worried about what his 'encounter' really means we have quite a bit going on!

I've got to say I think this may have been even creepier than the last one. I usually have a pretty good threshold when it comes to horror but even I found myself a little creeped out in parts. The supernatural mystery was really good - and even though I had my suspicions I was only partly correct!

The character interactions were really good this time as well - I think it really is here that Hastings excels. I loved all the romantic and friendship material just as much, and possibly even more than the supernatural mystery. I also really enjoyed that we got some more insight into Kelly's home life. I'm hoping this will continue and extend to the other characters as well.

I can't wait for more - this is fast becoming a favourite series of mine. And with an ending like that it sets up the next book as a must read!


Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

Even better than the first? Oh I hear such good things about this book that I cannot wait!

Unknown said...

Creepy... I never did read the first book. I gave my copy to Lynsey in the end because I was just too scared. I think I made the right choice if the books will only get more terrfying.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I really want to read this as I loved the first one. Though the fact that it gets creepier puts me off a little!


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