Monday 20 February 2012

Where I Write by J D Sharpe (Oliver Twisted Blog Tour)

As part of the blog tour for the release of her book Oliver Twisted, JD Sharpe kindly stopped by to talk about her favourite places to write...

I have three different places where I love to write and unfortunately none of them are at home!

I find that I can get rather distracted at home and also a tad hermit like. However, when I’m up against a deadline there is nothing quite as satisfying as holing yourself up in a warm room and just losing yourself in the writing!

So my top three places to write?


Public Transport

I don’t know what it is but put me on a plane, coach or train and I will happily type on my laptop, or, if room is restricted, write in my notepad for hours and hours.

I think the thing I really like about writing on public transport is that I know I’m going somewhere. This gives me a kind of momentum and direction that is incredibly useful when it comes to getting words down. I also swear that the movement of a train shakes up my brain cells and I end up having some of my best ideas while I’m on my way to somewhere else!

I am particularly fond of writing on the Piccadilly line as it has sections outside which is a nice bonus!



I live in Oxfordshire and so I’m very lucky to be surrounded by the many amazing libraries that belong to Oxford University. My favourite of them all is the Radcliffe Camera which is right in the centre of Oxford.

I go there because it reminds me of when I was a student - this is the place where I’d go to write essays about Dickens, Austen and Beowulf

It is also possible to order ANY book that has ever been published in the UK in this library. These books are kept beneath the streets of Oxford. It always makes me smile when I think that the streets are literally paved with books!

Most importantly, Lyra talks about the Radcliffe Camera in Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman. This is one of my favourite books and so I always feel extra inspired when I work here!



I love working in cafes. I think the attraction is simple. By going to a café to write you can still participate in the ebb and flow of everyday life because you’re outside your home but you’re also working as well! I also find that getting out of the house helps me to stop procrastinating. One of my favourite cafes is quite close to where I live and is called the Church Green Cafe. It is quite small and has mismatching china and the owner is really lovely and doesn’t mind if I stay all day long! They also do lush soup!

Malcolm Gladwell has written a great piece about writers in cafés. Read it here.
Thanks JD! The Radcliffe Camera sounds (and looks!) AWESOME!

You can check out the next stop on the tour over at Tall Tales and Short Stories tommorrow.


Cliona said...

Fab post! I love libraries! Reading and writing in them is always great, because you're surrounded by books, a and you can stay as long as you want for free!

Jesse Owen (Reading to Life) said...

Fab post, I've heard of reading on transport - but never writing!

E Wein said...

if I lived in Oxford, I would be writing in the Upper Reading Room of the Bodleian - I totally understand the Radcliffe Camera love! Also, I function well in cafes too. Company among strangers. Nice to hear someone shares my wandering writing habits!


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