Friday 14 October 2011

Heart Burn by Anne Cassidy

From Amazon:  Years ago, local bad boy, Tyler Harrington, did a favour for Ashley. Now Tyler has been beaten up and hospitalized, and he's calling that favour in. Ashley must hide an envelope for him, but under no circumstances is she to look inside it When Tyler is abducted, Ashley opens the package. What she finds inside is the key to who is holding Tyler. But somebody else wants the envelope and, as long as Ashley has it, she is in mortal danger.

This is the first book by Anne Cassidy that I have read and I have to say I think I should check out more of her books.

I really liked the relationship between Ashley and Tyler - and how we get to see the past through flashbacks. I liked Tyler straight away and Ashley was very determined - she comes across as a very strong character. And likeable too - I was really rooting for her.

The mystery aspect is slightly predictable but also gripping enough that I read this in one sitting. I really needed to know how it would all turn out - and I have to say I did really like the ending.  I liked that the story isn't just about the situation Ashley finds herself in but that it's also focused on each of the characters and their relationships.

I'm looking forward to checking out more books by Anne Cassidy. I've been recommended Looking For JJ so I think I shall start there.

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Cliona said...

I have one of Cassidy's books, I can't remember what it's called though! I think it's...oh yeah, 'Forget Me Not'! I must read it soon! Great review, this sounds fab!


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